We believe clients don’t come to us for what we do. They come to us for why we do it. It’s why Five exists and it is why we wake up every morning wanting to get it done.

How we package
that passion for
our equally passionate clients.

FIVE was founded in 2009. As friends and partners, we share our skills on every single project. We also share a common belief that everyone is creative. Therefore, we pride ourselves on who we hire as the whole studio is involved in delivering our smart, inventive work to our smart, demanding clients.

We’re all specialists in different roles
and share decades of collective
experience in advertising agencies

We know the value and the real meaning of words such as ‘Experience’, ‘Deadlines’, ‘Strategy’, ‘Service’ and ‘On time’.
We also know words like ‘leverage’ and ‘organic synergy’ but we don’t tend to use them - we prefer to keep our process simple. (You could insert a smiley here but we don’t use them either.)

  • We're not interested in winning creative awards or building websites and mobile apps just for the fun of it. Our gold standard is creating experiences with the perfect balance of creativity and purpose.

  • Whether you're starting a new company, refreshing an existing brand or implementing a digital solution, we can do surprisingly simple and effective things to build your brand.We can tell you how great our creative work is 'til we're blue in the face, but we'd rather prove it by showing you what we've actually done for our clients with real budgets and real deadlines.

  • Banners, e-blasts, take-overs, pre-rolls, you name it - we build digital campaigns that inspire conversation and engagement.

  • We keep our technical geniuses happy (other than with caffeine) by feeding them with compelling problems to solve. Having knowledge of multiple technical solutions to any given problem, we don’t evangelize any single programming language or platform – we help our partners make informed decisions that fit within their own personal objectives and budget. We've created creative digital solutions ranging from websites, content management tools, digital applications, e-commerce, social platforms and applications, touch, mobile, tablet applications and games.

  • We deliver end to end creative and comprehensive solutions for 2d/3d computer generated imagery, animation, modeling, simulation, visual effects, rendering and compositing on extensive wide variety of production platforms.

We’re creative enough

for anything you want

to throw at us

(And geeky enough to make it happen)

We have been fortunate enough
to have a variety of respected
brands put their trust in us.

They include ... to name but a few. We’ll be happy to answer any questions on any of our projects.

Nissan - Testé sur des humains
Contest site
Nunavik Publications
E-commerce website
Garnier - Ultra-Lift free sample
Contest site
The Eeyou way of life
Promotional website
Corporate website
Air Canada - Europe contest
Contest site
Cuisine Verdun
Corporate website
Mainguy Assurances
Corporate website
Subway - Digital menu screens
Digital Screens
Air Canada - Montreal at Boston/New York
Contest site
Ombrelle - A closer look at the sun
Web advertising campaign
Destination Yul
Saint-Louis communications
30 Secondes pour changer...
Dossiers Mystère
Canal D
Behind the lens
Tourism Whistler
Toyota Enquête
Promotional site
Facebook Application
Hermès - Terre d'Hermès
Publicity campaign
Bannière La Presse +
Animation html 5
Hermès - Vive le sport
Rich Media Banners
Brunet subscription campaign
Rich Media Banners
Nissan Innovation27 Contest
Contest site and iPad app
Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec
Tricot MANIA
Nutrisse Mousse
Les secrets de mon épicier
Air Canada "750 Stories"
Motion design
Plan B
Motion design
The Placencia
Avon Anew
Motion design
Air Transat
Televised advertisement
Promotional site
HTML 5 animation
Nissan Altima
Hasta la Altima
Sico - Roller Up! Contest
Roller Up! Contest
LSR communities
Swap Eyewear
E-commerce website
Espresso Jobs
E-commerce platform
Garnier Moisture Rescue Contest
Facebook application
Le Vertendre
E-commerce website
Vidéotron "The End of Time"
Rich Media Banners
Toyota Québec Daily offers
Rich media banners
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